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Nick Zelver

Senior Content Editor

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My Experience

I am the Senior Content Editor at, with over 15 years of online marketing expertise. My professional journey has seen me in various roles, and I'm currently leveraging my skills in managing successful collaborations with Sports Interaction. Over the years, I've developed numerous strategies and campaigns, showcasing my adept communication and sales capabilities. I'm a proud graduate of Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University), where I secured my Bachelor of Commerce in Information Technology Management.


My Past Ventures

Before embracing my current position, I strategized for More Sales Inc. My tenure at the Digital Marketing Academy of Canada enriched my understanding of digital marketing, solidifying my stature as a recognized expert in the field. I delved deep into Neurofeedback, research, and development. I held the title of Director of Online Sales at Optimax -, spearheading a team of account managers and collaborating with major platforms to elevate the brand. I also invested significant time at Euro Partners, overseeing various accounts with an emphasis on branding and marketing.


Highlights of My Expertise

  • Digital Marketing:  From spearheading online marketing initiatives to branding, I've navigated through diverse challenges.
  • Online Sales: With my leadership role at, I've garnered extensive insights into the e-commerce landscape.
  • Account Management: Overseeing accounts across a spectrum of industries has enriched my proficiency in this arena.

Latest Contributions

Will I Receive Dividends for My Stock Investments on eToro?

Yes, on eToro there are plenty of stocks, although not all, that offer dividends to shareholders. This can either in the form of stock, cash or both, depending on the company. If you have an account u...

02/29/24 | By Nick Zelver

Does eToro Pay Dividends?

Yes, eToro does pay dividends. If you have a BUY position in a dividend-paying stock, index, or ETF, the dividend amount, after tax deductions, is credited to your available cash balance. Conversely,...

02/29/24 | By Nick Zelver

What Is the Minimum Deposit Required to Buy Amazon Stock on eToro?

To buy Amazon stocks on eToro, the minimum investment amount is $10, allowing you to purchase fractional shares. This is distinct from the 'minimum deposit', which is the initial amount required to fu...

02/29/24 | By Nick Zelver

How Do I Deposit Funds to My eToro Trading Account Using eToro Money?

To add funds into your eToro trading account via eToro Money, ensure first that this payment method has sufficient funds. Then, on the eToro platform, click 'Deposit Funds'. Choose 'eToro Money' as yo...

02/29/24 | By Nick Zelver

What Currencies Does eToro Support for Deposits?

eToro supports more than 20 currencies for deposits, such as USD, EUR, GBP, and AUD. However, the specific currencies available to you depend on your country of residence and the eToro entity handling...

02/29/24 | By Nick Zelver

What Is the Minimum Deposit Amount on eToro USA?

For residents and citizens of the USA, the minimum deposit amount required to start trading on eToro is $10. This low minimum applies to both the initial deposit and any subsequent deposits, making it...

02/29/24 | By Nick Zelver

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using the eToro App?

The eToro app offers user-friendly trading on the go and access to a wide range of financial instruments. However, it might have limited features compared to the desktop version, and mobile trading ca...

02/29/24 | By Nick Zelver

What States Is eToro Available In?

You can access eToro as a US resident and open an account without any charges. If eToro isn't available in your state yet, you can still explore the platform using a virtual portfolio. They'll notify...

02/29/24 | By Nick Zelver

How Do I Open a Demo Account on eToro?

To open a demo account with eToro, you simply nееd to opеn a rеgular account. Aftеr finishing thе rеgistration procеss, thе "Virtual Portfolio" or dеmo account will bе rеadily accеssiblе. Thеrе's no n...

02/29/24 | By Nick Zelver

eToro Customer Support

Embarking on your trading journey with eToro can be exciting, but encountering technical issues or other challenges is a possibility. Knowing how to effectively reach out to their support team is cruc...

02/29/24 | By Nick Zelver

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