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Updated Mar, 2024

If you can't sign in to your eToro account, first ensure you're entering the correct username and password. If you've forgotten your password, use the 'Forgot Password' option to reset it. If issues persist, contact eToro customer support for assistance.



I remember the first time I faced issues logging into my eToro account. The panic, the confusion, the frustration - I've been there. Over time, I've navigated through various challenges and found solutions. Here's my personal guide to help you if you're facing the same.


Understanding the Common Login Issues with eToro

The first time I encountered an eToro login issue, I felt a mix of frustration and concern. Over time, I've come to realize that these hiccups are often minor and can be resolved with a bit of troubleshooting. Here's a deeper dive into the common challenges I've faced:

  • Incorrect Username or Password: On more than one occasion, I've found myself hastily typing in my credentials, only to be met with that dreaded "Incorrect Password" notification. It's easy to mix up characters or forget a recent password change. Always double-check your entries, and remember that passwords are case-sensitive.
  • Account Temporarily Locked: One evening, after misremembering my password a few times, I was locked out of my account. It was a safety feature by eToro to prevent unauthorized access. While it was inconvenient at the moment, I appreciated the platform's commitment to security. If this happens, wait for a bit and try again, or follow the account recovery process.
  • Browser Compatibility Issues: I once spent an entire afternoon trying to log in from an old laptop, only to discover that my browser version was outdated. eToro, like many platforms, has optimal performance on updated browsers. Ensure your browser is current, and consider switching to another one if issues persist.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Hurdles: I decided to enable 2FA for added security, but the first few times, I struggled. Once, I didn't receive the code on my phone, and another time I entered it too late. It's crucial to ensure your authentication app or phone number is correctly linked and to enter the code promptly.
  • Session Timeouts: There were instances when I'd leave my login page open for too long while attending to other tasks, leading to session timeouts. It's a security feature to protect accounts, but it means you'll have to re-enter your credentials.

Through each of these experiences, I've learned to approach login issues with patience and a systematic mindset. Most importantly, I've realized that these safeguards, while occasionally inconvenient, are in place to protect users like me.


Basic Steps to Resetting the Password

I once forgot my password. Here's what I did:

  1. Clicked on the 'Forgot Password' option.
  2. Checked my email for the reset link.
  3. Created a new password, ensuring it was strong and unique.


The Importance of Verifying Your eToro Account

When I first started with eToro, I underestimated the significance of account verification. It was only when I faced a delay in a withdrawal request that I truly grasped its importance.

✅Verification not only streamlines the login process but also ensures the security of transactions and personal data. It's a one-time process that establishes trust between you and the platform.

I remember the slight impatience I felt while gathering my ID and address proof, but once submitted, the peace of mind it offered was unparalleled. From my experience, taking the time to verify your eToro account is an investment in smooth, future transactions and a hassle-free trading journey.


My Experience with a Locked eToro Account

The day my eToro account got locked remains vivid in my memory. I had mistakenly entered the wrong password multiple times, triggering the platform's security protocols. The sinking feeling of being locked out was overwhelming.

However, I soon realized it was eToro's way of safeguarding my investments. I followed the on-screen instructions, but when those didn't work, I reached out to eToro's support. Their prompt response and guidance not only helped me regain access but also instilled greater confidence in the platform's security measures.


Browser and Technical Glitches I Faced

Navigating through eToro, I've encountered my share of technical snags:

  • One memorable instance was when pages wouldn't load, leaving me anxious about my trades. After some research, I realized my browser's cache was the culprit.
  • Another time, a persistent login issue was resolved simply by switching to a different browser.

These experiences taught me the importance of regular browser updates and the value of having alternative browsers installed. While technical issues can be daunting, they often have straightforward solutions, and a bit of patience goes a long way.


2FA: This Matters a Lot

When I activated Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on eToro, it introduced an added layer of security to my login process. I'd receive an SMS code every time I attempted to log in, confirming it was indeed me. This feature was especially reassuring when I accessed my account from unfamiliar devices.

However, when I upgraded to a phone with Biometric Authentication, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I no longer needed to enter the SMS code. This seamless integration of security makes it a lot more convenient.


Contacting Customer Support - My Experience

The first time I reached out to eToro's support about a login issue, I was anxious, having heard mixed reviews. To my relief, they were prompt and professional.

I remember a particular incident where I can't sign in. I shot them an email, expecting a delayed response. However, within hours, a representative clarified my concerns and guided me through the resolution. Their proactive approach and genuine willingness to assist transformed my apprehension into trust, making my trading journey with them even more reassuring.


Safety Precautions I Always Follow

Over the years, I've realized that while these platforms offer robust security, personal vigilance is equally crucial. Over the years, I've adopted certain safety habits that have become second nature:

  • Phishing Awareness: I once received a suspicious email claiming to be from eToro. It was a close call, but I've since become vigilant about verifying email sources.
  • Login Details: I've made it a rule never to share or save my login details on shared devices, after a friend's account was compromised.
  • Regular Password Updates: After attending a cybersecurity seminar, I've committed to changing my password every few months, ensuring it's unique and complex each time.


Final Words

In conclusion, navigating eToro's login challenges has been a journey of learning for me. I hope my experiences and insights help you as much as they've helped me. Remember, every challenge has a solution, and you're not alone in this. Happy trading!

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