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Mike Druttman

Head of Content

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My Experience

I am currently the Head of Content at With a career that beautifully intertwines marketing communications and business matching, I've dedicated decades to helping businesses articulate their stories compellingly and this is the same vision that I have for Wikitoro. My natural flair for writing has been an invaluable asset, enabling me to elevate the marketing communication (MarCom) projects of businesses across various industries, from high-tech to real estate.

A lifelong learner, I've pursued various courses to hone my skills. I hold diplomas in Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations from institutions like the CAM Foundation and the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Additionally, I've taken a course from John Bryce and I'm also certified in giving effective elevator pitches.


My Past Ventures

Before joining, my journey saw me deeply involved in marketing communications and copywriting. I've had the privilege of working with clients from the UK, France, Turkey, USA, UAE, South Africa, and Japan. My expertise isn't just limited to crafting compelling narratives; I've also ventured into business matching, particularly between Japan and other countries, helping businesses identify and optimize innovation opportunities.


Highlights of My Expertise

  • Marketing Communications: Over the years, I've worked on a plethora of MarCom projects, ranging from websites to video scripts and exhibition displays.
  • Business Matching: My recent endeavors include founding KEYZUNA, a business matching agency that bridges the gap between Japanese businesses and innovations from other countries.
  • Diverse Industry Experience: Whether it's high-tech, medical tech, security, agriculture, or hospitality, I've penned narratives that resonate.

Latest Contributions

What is Trailing Stop Loss on eToro?

Trailing Stop Loss (TSL) on eToro is a type of Stop Loss order that automatically adjusts with market movements, provided the market is moving in your favor. It maintains a set pip distance from the c...

02/20/24 | By Mike Druttman

How Do I Find Traders on eToro?

To find traders on eToro, you can utilize the platform's "Discover" or search feature. Additionally, the CopyTrader section offers filters that allow you to refine your search based on various criteri...

02/20/24 | By Mike Druttman

Do I Own the Shares on eToro UK?

Yes, when you buy non-leveraged stocks on eToro in the UK, you own the underlying asset. These stocks are purchased in your name and held in a segregated omnibus account. However, it's important to no...

02/20/24 | By Mike Druttman

What Do I Need to Open an eToro Account UK?

To open an eToro account in the UK, you must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the UK. The account verification process involves confirming your email address, providing personal information,...

02/20/24 | By Mike Druttman

What Is the Minimum UK Deposit for eToro?

If you are a UK resident, the minimum initial deposit required for your eToro account is $50. After making your first deposit, any subsequent deposits have a lower minimum requirement of only $10. Thi...

02/20/24 | By Mike Druttman

Is eToro Legal in the UK?

Yes, eToro is legally permitted to operate in the UK. Its local entity, eToro (UK) Ltd, is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Additionally, this company is registered i...

02/20/24 | By Mike Druttman

How Do I Buy Shares in Australia on eToro?

To buy shares in Australia on eToro, first sign up or log into your trading account. Then, search for and select the Australian stocks you're interested in from the platform. Finally, decide your inve...

02/20/24 | By Mike Druttman

What Is the Minimum Deposit for eToro SPX500?

The minimum amount required to invest in the S&P 500 index (SPX500) on eToro is $1,000. It's important to distinguish this from the 'minimum deposit', which refers to the smallest amount you can a...

02/20/24 | By Mike Druttman

What Is Supported by eToro Money Crypto Wallet?

The eToro Money crypto wallet supports a variety of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar, TRON, and Ripple. With this wallet, you have the capability...

02/20/24 | By Mike Druttman

How Do I Get an eToro Wallet?

To obtain an eToro wallet, first ensure you have a verified eToro trading account and that you're in a country where the eToro crypto wallet service is available. After confirming these prerequisites,...

02/20/24 | By Mike Druttman

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